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Tickets to catch The Killers at some point on their November arena tour of the UK have gone on sale this morning. Word has it that websites were typically jammed soon after 9AM this morning, (the time of their release). The American act fronted by Moorman Brandon Flowers have already announced a second show at Birmingham’s LG arena, to satisfy the unlucky ones.

Mitt Romney, also a publically confirmed Mormon, recently voiced his liking of The Killers. When quizzed about this, bassist Mark Stoermer gave the deadpan response, “he’s, I guess, a guy and he listens to music and happens to like us, that’s fine”. Genius! He was also wise to steer clear of political persuasion, in fact denying any at all. “We’re not really a political band. And we don’t necessarily have all the same views, but none of us are very politically active anyway”.

Killers’ new album Battle Born is released on September 15th. Will it be a fourth straight UK number 1 record for the Nevada band, Flowers’ fifth? Almost certainly. Battle Born is a return following a four year drought for fans. During this time Killers took an 18 month hiatus and Flowers unleashed Flamingo, his solo debut, on the world. Below is Battle Born’s first single Runaways. Pulsing with their familiar throb, the chorus wallops you round the chops with the force of double-decker bus. “Blonde hair blowing in the summer wind, a blue-eyed girl playing in the sand” cooes Flower in a Morrissey-esque opening line.


Speaking to the NME about Battle Born, the Olympics & other topics, Killers had this to say:

Flowers: “we’re taking what we’ve acquired from playing all these shows on the road, that experience and that fire… and we’ve applied it to song-writing, I don’t think we’ve ever done that. You never know what you’re gonna get when you get in the [studio] room, we spent more time in the room on this one than we spent on any other one, hopefully it doesn’t sound like it!”

Stoermer: “so far on every record we’ve always gone and tried to make a big sound… I guess we hope to mature”

(On recording) Dave Koening: “it’s got more guitars but not necessarily on every song, it’s a lot more diverse, it’s got some rock songs, some ballads. everyday was different depending on what we were doing, if it was a day of singing I would probably watch basketball”

So, in short, there’s a lot to look forward to. Including the unnamed support acts accompanying them on the arena tour. Hopefully this winter will also bring another killer Christmas tune to add to their stocking. Last year’s Cowboy’s Christmas Ball sure was a festive treat.

Are you human or are you dancer? Me for one, I’m dancer.

Jack White (né John Anthony Gillis, 9/7/1975)

Apologies – cheap, age-old tactic to grab your attention in the title – Jack White is OF COURSE the latter of the two suggestions! This article is not an argumentative piece but a commendation of White’s ever-growing musical messiah-ness. It is also an article with little structure, so please forgive the forthcoming messiness.

White, a powder-faced peculiarity born in Detroit, is a natural talent to behold. Lyrics literally seep from his rosy lips, beautifully in sync with his bluesy inventions. Thus far, Jack is the ghostly character whom has written 10 albums in the last 13 years, producing & contributing towards countless others. His utter ingenuity literally pales others into significance. How can such a music-orientated man sleep when his left-brain is constantly ticking? 

White ranks alongside, if not at the top of, a talented pile of contemporary songwriters including Dave Grohl, Alex Turner, Thom Yorke et al – this generation’s Weller, Strummer, Dylan and Cash. Like Grohl [Nirvana/Them Crooked Vultures] and Turner [Last Shadow Puppets], White has mastered the art of multi-tasking himself with side projects The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. Oh, have I so far failed to mention his breakthrough act THE WHITE STRIPES, a six-album partnership he forged with ‘sister’ and ex-wife Meg White, whose surname Jack admirably adopted?

The Fly (music magazine) recently awarded Blunderbuss, White’s debut solo record, a 3.5/5 star rating: a filthy insult from what some claim is a ‘shit-rag’ itself. Get real or otherwise get retailed next to Andrex and other bum-wipes!

Also recently, I read a funny snippet in The Guide (The Guardian newspaper’s weekend pullout). On the back page was a factfile reading as follows:

Name: Jack Anthony White

Famous for: Dum dum dum dum der der der

Despite everything, The White Stripes are still synonymous with that one opening bassline to Seven Nation Army.

Thankfully, Blunderbuss has been Jack’s opportunity to finally show the world a figment of his current conscience, post break-up with Karen Elson“I won’t let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me” Jack states firmly on first single Love Interruption, I believe him. Sixteen Saltines retains the White Stripes’ ginormous pomp whilst I’m Shaking brilliantly irritates with its cheeky buzzing bee riff. In terms of Blunderbuss though, the aforementioned couple are anomaliesHip (Eponymous) Poor Boy is a more typical cute tale featuring beautiful keys. 

Blunderbuss is misnamed. It’s no stonker but my word is it a charmer.

Jack White (III) we salute you! Thankyou for everything you have so far impressed upon us, continue to do so forever more. 

Are Howler the new Strokes? Is Jordan Gatesmith the new Julian Casablancas?


Lonely Boy, the new single from The Black Keys has gone viral [or at least microbial], as smartly predicted in advance by Ethan, author of Letters From The Wasteland. The video features a Village People-style cameo from an uncuffed and unnamed bloke outside a motel lobby. Resemblance to Dave Benson-Phillips perhaps, anyone?


Previously, the blues-rock pairing were probably best known in the UK for their Jools Holland performances of Tighten Up, Next Girl and Howlin’ For You.

To label the duo from Ohio as understudies of the Kings of Leon would be a touch flippant. Dan Auerbach‘s guitar breeds a raw sound backed in emphatic style by Patrick Carney’s clattering drums. Underlying humour in their videos also deserves recognition, and is reminiscent of New York indie trio We Are Scientists.

The Keys have been plying their trade for over 10 years now, producing 6 studio albums in that period. Brothers, their most commercially successful record to date reached #29 and silver status here. El Camino their hotly-anticipated next effort will premiere in shops on 6th December. It looks certain to be the long-awaited Gold on the Ceiling for the Americans. The forthcoming winter could well be a Hell of a Season for them.

The only question remains, at what number will El Camino break into the Top 10 UK albums charts?

Evil Twin, the B-side of Suck It And See has crept unnoticed into the Arctic’s setlist. Motorbikes, guns, sex, denim and balaclava boy Matt Helders star in the videos. Both emphatically issue a SOD OFF to those retailers who censored their album title in the US and the same ilk of critic whom slated Britney Spears for glamourising guns in her raunchy video Criminal. Plenty of guitar twangs from Cook. To be released tomorrow!