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Toy are a band causing a stir. How many time have we heard that before?

Visually they resemble (to me at least) a reshuffled, slightly unkempt Slade-looking outfit, plus señorita Alejandra Diez on keyboard. They are also three parts Jing Jang Jong: singer Tom Dougall, guitarist Dom O’Dair and bassist Maxim Barron having since separated from Joe Lean.

Motoring,  below, is a blur – and I’m not just talking about the video’s psychedelic effects. No acute guitars, Toy’s second single is fuzzier than a heavy night on the juice. To use a cliché, Motoring is a “wall of sound” with the drive of an Ash song.

Released on Heavenly Records, a London-based label under the mighty umbrella of EMI – can Toy be truly classified as indie? Probably not.


Under their YouTube clips, Toy are described damningly as “the best Horrors tribute band out there” – a statement backed by the act’s close association, support slots and public receipt of praise from Faris Badwan’s troupe. However for me Toy’s sound is a lot less dark and dismal.

Listen to Toy’s first single Left Myself Behind here.

Bringing a new meaning to the phrase “a teddy bear’s picnic” are Casiokids with their new video for Det Haster!


The Norwegians explore every situation with the cuddly toys: even a bit of teddy smooching at 1:40, tongues included! 

Let this not detract from Det Haster! – a silky, smooth, synth-pop single laced with electro sounds and catchy drum beats. 

Merci beaucoup to Tweek from Take Them On and the ever-reliable Popped Music for alerting me to this fluffy-hot new track.