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Excited I am (Yoda talk) to announce the launch of Monograph TV: a media-rammed “television platform” which aims to promote fresh musical talent from the city that KasabianShowaddywaddy call home – Leicester!

Monograph TV is the latest branch of The Monograph empire, which, as I type, (it’s proliferating so quickly) encompasses a blazing hot Monograph website and a quarterly-released, ever-expanding Monograph newspaper (print edition).

Already featuring interviews with the likes of Newton Faulkner, Charlie & The Martyrs and the prodigiously talented ska ensemble By The Rivers, Monograph TV has sprung to life faster than a David Attenborough documentary.

To submit a music video, interview, documentary, live performance, studio rehearsal, busking set, podcast, or any other type of media that my incomprehensible mind cannot yet fathom, follow the instructions here to get it uploaded and online:

DO NOT FORGET – although Monograph TV covers Leicester acts primarily, the famous Summer Sundae festival hosted on De Montfort Gardens sees a whole variety of country-wide bands flood into the Jewry Wall boundaries. Therefore anything from any associated band would be welcomed with open arms like the return to Leicester City of long-lost son Emile Heskey!


Charlie Jones is a woman on a mission. Since coming 3rd in the BBC’s 2008 singer/songwriter talent contest, the Birmingham-born blonde has adopted a new incarnation at the head of a jangly five-piece Leicester act. Backed by The Martyrs – four well-dressed remnants of the wild Ego Armalade, [link] Charlie is the star attraction tonight dressed in leopard skin.

She ain't no Nash. Classy Charlie and her Martyr mates have plenty to display. Image: The Monograph

The frustration of enduring a 2 hour-long sound check and resorting to overpriced Carling is dispelled when Charlie et al burst into Cherry Picker. Less Western than KT Tunstall’s Black Horse number, it’s as sweet and fruity as the red prune itself.

Further along is Nothing To Display – a strummed melody about a terminally-gloomy friend who, head in hands, has little to offer, like the vacant message on a mobile phone screen.

Jones resents comparison with Kate Nash. “You always get that. They put you next to another girl with a guitar out there don’t they? I do get a bit annoyed by it. But what can you do?” she retorts. True, there is little Mockney about Charlie’s pure vocals. She deserves another award for taming the blokes from the now-extinct Ego, who exhibit no Flying V’s tonight and are on best behaviour.

Our Side, a passionate song about football and love, successfully paints the colours of the beautiful game. “I’ve got my heart in defence, I’ve got you up front” Charlie sings tactically to the derogatorily-named Kaffir’s alpha male audience.

7 Shades oversees a shift in pace from jig to ballad with a melancholic twist, demonstrating the band’s song-crafting versatility.

Queen of Hearts is the highlight: even the laddish Martyrs trade Jacks for Aces. Incorporating whistling and brassy elements, it’s their stand-out song. Charlie is a beacon, shining brighter than the Martyr’s cheap suit and waistcoats combo.

A lingering suspicion is that Charlie could wipe the floor with X-factor, but she has too much class and dignity to file herself alongside the likes of Cher Lloyd.

With Florence & The Machine, Marina & The Diamonds and Esben & The Witch already established, Charlie & The Martyrs face stiff competition from other female-fronted acts, if only in the name stakes.

Surely though it’s only a matter of time before Charlie assumes her title in waiting, the “heroine of Halesowen” in what is her most promising outfit yet.

Review of Charlie & The Martyrs @ Kaffir Inn, Whetstone – 18th November 2011

Myspace here, Monograph interview here.

Composed of female front Charlie Jones and ex-Leicester lung-bursters Ego ArmaladeCharlie & The MartyrsLeicester’s latest big thing perform Nothing To Display and 7 Shades on The Beat, BBC Radio. 


Check out Charlie + co’s interview with local music magazine/newspaper The Monograph here.

More importantly – find Charlie & The Martyrs on myspace at: