Don’t you just love it when you rediscover a band?

Perhaps it is a song lyric dropped into general chit chat that sparks a memory. Perhaps a trivial everyday sound or tone makes the association. More often, and conventionally, a rustle through the old record collection helps revive the hidden gems.

One, I’m not sure which, of the above instances facilitated my recent unearthing of Editors‘ albums. Signed to Kitchenware Records, a truly independent Tyneside label, the Birmingham-based band have achieved platinum status. A true success! 

Their debut The Back Room (2005) signalled their Lights, Camera, Munich arrival on the music scene, earning them a Mercury nomination. 2007’s follow-up An End Has A Start furthered their chart success, rocking in as a #1 album. Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors [below] reached #7 in the singles chart.


Third album In This Light and On This Evening consolidated their commercial glory, again entering [and briefly residing] as a #1 album. Spawned from this sleeve was the excellent synth powerhouse Papillon.

Though Tom Smith‘s vocals do echo a la Ian Curtis, there is in my opinion little substance in comparisons with Joy Division. Nor for that matter do Editors even faintly remind me of Echo & The Bunnymen, one of their supposed influences. Moreover, only Interpol, a contemporary outfit, sound at all similar.

Anyroad, it’s knocking on three years since Editors’ last release and they have slowly slipped out of the public consciousness. Earlier this year the news broke that Editors and lead guitarist Chris Urbanowicz had parted musical paths. Editors will continue, we are assured, as a three-piece, their 4th record is hotly-awaited later this year.

  1. This happens to me now and then – I’ll remember a band who has been completely off the radar for years. And the weird thing is, within a week or two, I’ll read a news article about how they’re going back into the studio or going on tour or something. I think the last band that happened with was Franz Ferdinand – I was thinking they’d been gone forever, and then a little while ago, they started playing shows again.

    I have to admit, although I liked a couple songs off Editors’s debut, I wasn’t a fan of the record, so I never checked out their other two albums. But your post is making me want to give them another chance. :). I really like the song you posted.

    • thereviewer says:

      Haha, Franz Ferdinand did have a bit of a break 2005-2009, they returned with Tonight though and Ulysses which was a stonker! They’ve been quiet again since, who knows what Kapranos is up to these days… Last I heard he was producing with the Cribs but that was years back.

      Agreed about Editors, I’ve never owned an album, just familiar with the singles. My brother bought them all though and I’m thankful for it – the first two in particular are smashing, the latest takes a slightly different turn.

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