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Liebster Blog Award

Posted: May 6, 2012 in News

Posted twice this week into my occasionally-opened blogbox was the prestigious accolade known as the Liebster Blog Award. Who Liebster is, I have no idea – all I can deduce is that it is German for “boyfriend” or “sweetheart” or “favourite”. Make what you want of it, the award has proliferated through the blogosphere like wildfire.

Muchos gracias to Kaja from Anomnom and Olga from Rock Britain for judging me a worthy recipient of said award. Kaja comments on all things musical and hip whilst Olga, under the pseudonym rockmelody, promotes all rock bands from our Isles. 

Apparently… “The Liebster Blog Award is meant to be given to a blog that is a favorite of yours, and one that is up-and-coming, typically with about 200 followers or less.”

As with such awards – there are certain conditions of acceptance. These regulations, just like Chinese whispers, become more cloudy and distorted the more the award changes hands. In fact the phenomenon is also quite like a gene mutating over thousands/millions of years of evolutionary time. 

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

2. Copy and paste the award logo.

3. Nominate five other bloggers you would like to pass the award on to.

4. Tell your readers ten random facts about you.

Thus far I have fulfilled half of the requirements. So, without further ado, on to the third criterion. As a small time blogger, I barely have enough blogs to recommend. From my small circle though, come these inspired selections:

1. Kicking Sport – spoof sporting snippets and stories. Parodies, satire & irony all punched into one. See Ashley Young still airborne.

2. Popped Music – regular new release alerts: videos, singles & albums. Very current. Very cool. See Video Alert: Arctic Monkeys – You And I.

3. Ramblings Of A Music Man – Stevo’s musical mindchild always entertains, featuring reviews, hidden gems, anecdotes and warming endorsements of independent music. See Review: Paul Weller – Sonik Kicks.

4. Take Them On – informed analysis of an eclectic range of music videos from Graphic Designer Olivia Lor. Written in French, Take Them On is sharp, snappy and fun for me to decipher in my broken Franglais! See Spiritualized – Hey Jane.

5. Work It Media – a London-based PR, marketing company that takes care of press ‘stuff’ for the likes of Casiokids, Devin, Klaxons, Pulled Apart By Horses, The Drums & The Futureheads – to name just a few. An insightful snapshot of happenings within the music industry. See Devin announces debut album & new video.

Right that’s it, I’m done. Forget the ten facts – I’m rebellious. Until next time.