Crystal Shipsss – Yay

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Album reviews, Introducing
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Crystal Shipsss is the nascent brainchild of Berlin-based songwriter Jacob Faurholt. Already with an impressive five albums under his belt, Yay is a debut for a new project Crystal Shipsss, Faurholt’s “one-man musical vessel”.

Crystal Shipsss – Yay.

“I only recorded when I felt inspired, and with the idea of just making music without overthinking it” says Danish-born Faurholt of his latest record. Sure enough Yay is easier to digest than one of his nation’s famous pastries: a majority of the songs barely exceed 100 seconds.

Traversing the White Stripes’ verve of Geyser to the devilishly dark tones of Burning Kingdom, Shipsss’ first outing is a fascinating exploration into Faurholt’s sea of subconscious. Smile is an acoustically distant MGMT ringer; Uh Huh is a heavenly Sigur Ros lullaby; Romantic is of a similar ilk. Simplistic blends of chords, keys and lo-fi resonance are stirred to create the whirling, airy effects.

Unlike most diamonds though, Yay is far from polished. The recording quality is thrillingly raw but fuzzy; the songs vary from spell-binding [Crystal Lipsss] to introverted [My Dark Slimy Soul & The Jacket]. Others could be considered filler or demos [Sunshine].

The impression gained is very much one of a work in progress, albeit a showcase of some stunning melodrama from a man who stars as an extra in German soaps. Faurholt has compiled the raw materials for something special, Yay being a prototype or teaser.

As mouth-watering in potential as Faurholt’s label [Raw Onions Records] is eye-watering in title.

 [UK release: 11th June]

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