Alabama funk shakes up Jools

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Discussion, TV reviews, Video
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Any thought on Alabama Shakes‘ debut performance on Later Live with Jools

Quite an individual style I thought… To me they looked like a group of misfits who had converged only because of music. Lead singer Brittany Howard is a male version of Lenny Kravitz. Bassist Zac Cockrell looks like a Magic Number who’s recently returned from a shopping spree at H&M, or simply – Zak Dingle off Emmerdale. Meanwhile, the woolly hat perched upon drummer Steve Johnson’s scalp makes him look like a small-time bandit.

On Hold On, Brittany Howard’s gob has no limits to its aperture! The rubbery thing just keeps stretching to the point where you could shove a baseball down there. Or any other sized ball or object of equivalent dimensions. Her voice has such power and soul. Combined with guitarist Heath Fogg’s (what a name, incidentally)  jazzy, groovy and bluesy twangs, the Shakes are a unique recipe

The Guardian spoke to the Shakes a few weeks back, see here for full interview.  Candidates for 2012’s best breakthrough?

‘I bring a little bit of that punk with me. The energy, man; I can still thrash. I can’t play the guitar very well but I can fake it’ – Brittany Howard.

  1. I really liked their performance. I saw a couple other songs they did on there, too, and both were awesome, although I like this one the most.

    That girl has a really soulful voice; she seems to be channeling some Janis Joplin at times. But you’re right, her mouth contortions could rival those of Joanna Newsom.

    I listened to their album, and it’s not bad, but I think this is a band that needs to be both heard AND seen; I’m not sure why. I just wasn’t as amazed by the music without the visuals. Have you listened to it yet?

    • thereviewer says:

      Not heard anything other than a couple of their Jools efforts. I’m definitely comtemplating buying the record. Funny – I only switched on to the show Jack White, is it possible he was eclipsed by the Shakes? You could be right, their appearance as a group was most striking…

  2. thereviewer says:

    Just read a fantastic comment under the Shakes’ YouTube clip for Be Mine… Continuing with the rubbery theme for Brittany Howard’s face (rather cruelly) – does anyone think she looks like a Bo’ Selecta! mask?

    Be Mine and Rise To The Sun are outstanding songs.

    • Haha, nice comment. Scary resemblance.

      Yeah, that was a really good show with Jack White and Alabama Shakes. I thought they both put on amazing performances. I really love Jack’s all-girl band.

  3. iamkaja says:

    I love this song. There’s something so moving about it; such a flawless performance too!

    Also, I have been awarded the Liebster Blog Award; I’m not sure if you’ve already got one or not but either way, your blog is one of my nominees to pass it on to. Well deserved! Keep on writing 😀

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