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More smart indie pop from the Leicester lads. New single Pocket Rocket has them knocking on the door. What have the Witches predicted for their future?


Any thought on Alabama Shakes‘ debut performance on Later Live with Jools

Quite an individual style I thought… To me they looked like a group of misfits who had converged only because of music. Lead singer Brittany Howard is a male version of Lenny Kravitz. Bassist Zac Cockrell looks like a Magic Number who’s recently returned from a shopping spree at H&M, or simply – Zak Dingle off Emmerdale. Meanwhile, the woolly hat perched upon drummer Steve Johnson’s scalp makes him look like a small-time bandit.

On Hold On, Brittany Howard’s gob has no limits to its aperture! The rubbery thing just keeps stretching to the point where you could shove a baseball down there. Or any other sized ball or object of equivalent dimensions. Her voice has such power and soul. Combined with guitarist Heath Fogg’s (what a name, incidentally)  jazzy, groovy and bluesy twangs, the Shakes are a unique recipe

The Guardian spoke to the Shakes a few weeks back, see here for full interview.  Candidates for 2012’s best breakthrough?

‘I bring a little bit of that punk with me. The energy, man; I can still thrash. I can’t play the guitar very well but I can fake it’ – Brittany Howard.

Bromheads Jacket are another raw Sheffield [-adopted] indie band formed in 2005, closely associated with acts like Arctic Monkeys and Milburn.

Frontman Tim Hampton has ties with the outspoken Jon McClure of Reverend & The Makers. He featured on their groovy first album track Bandits whilst also composing the album’s title song The State of Things.

The Bromheads clockwise: Dan (drums), Tim (vocals, guitar) & Jono (bass). Photo: Andy Brown

Slated by Guardian reviewer Leonie Cooper, Bromheads Jacket’s 2006 debut Dits From The Commuter Belt proved popular in other [non arty-farty] circles. Alex Turner, for example, professed his approval of the record. What contrasting fortunes the two songwriters and bands have had.

Tim can be spotted at underground venue hangouts like The Harley in Sheffield. Meanwhile Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders reportedly owns The Bowery on Devonshire Green just down the road.

Below are a selection of the best tunes taken from Dits…

One Nautical Mile – bass line hook, heavy riff, clashing cymbals, cracking lyrics – “like a Christmas tree lit up through the air … I’ve heard the poppadoms are moist … let’s do one next time and get a kebab”


Poppy Bird – an emotive ballad about a Walthamstow gem whom rides the London underground.


What If’s And Maybe’s – a 100mph crash, bang, wallop of a song.


Now a garage two-piece, Bromheads can be found on Myspace here