Urban Outfitters’ Playlist & Music Mondays

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Playlist
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Recently I discovered a certain site called Urban Outfitters. Laugh as you might at my tragic hitherto ignorance, Urban Outfitters it transpires is musically more hip than a rhythmic pelvis.

On first impressions, UO appears nothing more than your run of the mill clothes shop. However, rummage deeper in the Urban Outfitters wardrobe and you will find a Narnia of eclectic music features. Included in this haven are downloadable LSTN playlists, 5 free songs from Music Mondays and, the ultimate ear-pleaser, UO Radio. 

Below is my highlight of LSTN 16


You’re Mine has underlying tones of, well, The Undertones as it goes.

  1. iamkaja says:

    Wow, that’s pretty awesome. I have never known about this – not that I shop from their website at all anyway. The tracks from Devin you’ve posted are great! Might give these guys a go and find some more treasures from the website. Cheers!

    • thereviewer says:

      Devin has got a bit of verve, no? Didn’t realise when I posted this that the NME (that rag you are starting to detest judging by your post) had already hooked onto the similarity with The Undertones. You’re Mine is a blatant carbon-copy of Teenage Kicks! Still a quality tune however…

      You seem very keen to disassociate yourself with shopping at Urban Outfitters! It’s not TK Maxx you know. No offence if you shop at TK Maxx!

      • iamkaja says:

        Hahah I have absolutely nothing against Urban Outfitters – I just happen to have ever bought anything from there (: It’s great that they do that little music section though. Way to increase business!

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