Fay Brotherhood – Blue Spiral Screams

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Video
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Fay Brotherhood is a unique soul whom charts Pagan & Celtic influences for her traditional folk outfit. Take this song for example: her soundtrack to Boudicca’s supposed final skirmish in the Battle of Watling Street, which took place near Mancetter on the Warwickshire-Leicestershire boundary. Drawn from her second album Follow the Falcon, Blue Spiral Screams is a mystical track that perfectly captures the uncertainty that must have been engrained in the minds of Boudicca’s army. 


Free listening to Fay’s ethereal debut Whispers in the Boughs produced in 2003.


For more about Fayhttp://www.faybrotherhood.com/

  1. What a lovely comment! I feel like a proud parent! Thank you 🙂

    • thereviewer says:

      You are very welcome, I only offer the truth! How, may I ask, did you find my blog – have you tagged your name for pingbacks across the internet?

      • I was googling myself to see if anyone had done any reviews or anything I didn’t know about 😛

        • thereviewer says:

          Well well well Fay, you will be intrigued to know then that I was one of a handful of folk (non-staff, non-family, non-artists) that attended last Wednesday’s gig at The Musician… as a reviewer for The Monograph. I was extremely impressed with your performance, and at Lee’s mettle for fighting through pain! What’s more – I went away from the gig culturally informed, which is a rarity. The review will be out soon, you are the star attractions in it.

          Watch this space!

          • Wow that’s awesome.Very glad you liked us! We really enjoyed that gig actually, so it must have come through 🙂 I sang that hard I thought I might pass out during Black Annis’s Bower 😛

            • thereviewer says:

              Next Monograph edition is out in around 2 weeks time, I have been reliably (and belatedly) informed!

              Seems like an eternity since I went to your gig… Think you’ve played The Musician again since I reviewed you on Wednesday 21st?

              Anyhow – I’ve been itching to publish your review. Won’t be too long now. The Reviews Editor tells me it will be either in print or on the website. Either is good publicity?! The new edition has taken a while to be compiled because the Doddy, Editor-in-Chief is getting married!

            • thereviewer says:

              Fay – find your review on my blog homepage or at this link: https://jamiekendrick.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/fay-rouses-folk-to-join-her-brotherhood/

              The review was omitted from The Monograph print version unfortunately, presumably because the gig was such a long time ago and the latest issue was cobbled together overnight (literally). However, the Reviews Editor may be able to upload it onto the Monograph website, which is a decent alternative, yes?

              Happy days! Sorry it has taken so long to be published. Keep at it.

  2. […] Check out: Fay Brotherhood – Blue Spiral Screams […]

  3. […] Fay Brotherhood – Blue Spiral Screams […]

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