The Kabeedies

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Video
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Cute indie pop [or Afrobeat/Rock ‘n’ Roll if you will believe Wikipedia] from The Kabeedies. The Norwich quartet are playing tonight, almost imminently, at The Soundhouse, Southampton Street in Leicester… and I cannot attend, boohoo 😦

Here are three of their video entries to compensate and console myself.

Number one = hot single Little Brains. Encapsulated in two words: Johnny Foreigner. Or perhaps Kate Nash with a Vampire Weekend backing band? Lively and bouncy nevertheless!


Secondly, Come On – merely a B-side to first single Lovers Ought To – featured in an X-box ad, hence the [perpetually unwelcome] advertisement I presume! 

Thirdly, Apple. How fun does this next clip look? The date: Saturday 22 May 2010. The venue: Munich‘s free admission Theatron Pfingst (Pentecost/Whitsun) musical festival. Festival spirit. Such a fruity indie anthem is Apple, the crowd is [literally in cases] swept off their feet. Just LOOK at the bewildering array of swinging, swaying, grinding, jigging, skipping, twirling, skanking and thrashing. Beautiful.

Huge thanks to hugorilla79 (whoever the hell you are) for uploading this wonderful piece of footage. My faith in humanity is restored. 


Now to issue a formal apology. Sorry Kabeedies for my impending absence ce soir. Je sais que c’est impardonnable. 

  1. Their vocal style reminds me a bit of The Futureheads… if they had a female vocalist.

    Sorry you couldn’t go see them, looks like it would be a pretty fun show. 😦

  2. rockmelody says:

    Very sweet tunes! Energetic and, may I say, optimistically-sounding. Good soundtrack for having fun 🙂

    • thereviewer says:

      Fun, fun, fun! Sweet, cute, fluffy & smiley. Spot on – it’s so upbeat 🙂 Hard not to like, even if you are a staunch heavy rock fan, it’s incredibly pleasing on the ear. Candy for your cochlea!

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