EP: Little Night Terrors – Witches

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Album reviews, Introducing
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Once upon a time in 1985 the term “indie” was short for independent. Unlike the independence sought by Alex Salmond and his band of delusional Scottish Nationalists, “indie” eventually became a reference to any label distinct from the “big four”. Fast track to 2012 and “indie” is an umbrella term encompassing any guitar-based music that fits into its loosely marked boundaries.

Nick Clegg. Ed Miliband. George Osborne. Three more notoriously unpopular political figures in the British Isles. Only on forming an indie three-piece could they plummet further in public opinion. So unfashionable are indie bands right now that they are less welcome than the plague. This is the predicament facing Little Night Terrors: three young musicians hailing from Blaby, the same south Leicestershire suburb that spawned arena giants Kasabian.

Like a phoenix emerging from its own ashes, Little Night Terrors are the modern incarnation of The Displacements, who bowed Down and Out in late 2008. Consisting of brothers Andy and James Stone alongside bassist Dan Holyoak, LNT have compiled a collection of commendable tunes in recent years.

Witches, their latest EP, worked in Sheffield with Alan Smyth (Pulp, Arctic Monkeys, Reverend & The Makers) follows on in smart fashion from their encouraging debut Fangs.

The title track is a Fratellis-style funfair, containing the neat line (the gentleman will smile and don a hat/the witches stir the lies with their black cats). Concocted under the influence of absinthe in true rock ‘n’ roll style, it’s enjoyable, catchier than a fish hook and tailor-made for Zane Lowe’s Hottest….

What’s Your Persuasion Baby? is the unmasked marvel of Witches. Grungy, heavy and gothic in patches, twisted in its manifestation. This is the ‘original element’ the NME deemed The Displacements lacked in Lazy Bones. Coupled with Vultures, their synthesised single amusingly described by frontman Andy Stone as a “grindhouse slasher”, LNT have two exceptional songs.

Equally likeable, Heaven is sure to inspire the Hard-Fi terrace chants with sing-along choruses. Two Weeks has an impressive Hold Steady tone initially before blending into a slightly generic three-chorder. A set-booster nevertheless.

Year 2012 will witness the London Olympics, the end of the Mayan calendar and, if Andy Stone has his way, the release of a full-length LNT record. Only time will tell if the Little Night Terrors head in the direction of Joe Lean & the Jing Jang Jong or The Vaccines. For now, cackle.

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  1. I like every song on here. It feels like part ’60s pop, part… Ramones, haha. Maybe I need to listen to it more. But I love it. Thanks for turning me on to them!

    • thereviewer says:

      It’s very easy for me to big-up a local [that’s Leicester, UK for me had you not already guessed!] band’s music, but this EP actually did impress me.

      The Vaccines – the band I’ve tagged at the bottom – are even more Ramones sounding. Have they hit America large yet? Rather big within our shores currently. Along with Two Door, they are carrying the indie flag in a depressing sea of R’n’B tripe…

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