Excited I am (Yoda talk) to announce the launch of Monograph TV: a media-rammed “television platform” which aims to promote fresh musical talent from the city that KasabianShowaddywaddy call home – Leicester!

Monograph TV is the latest branch of The Monograph empire, which, as I type, (it’s proliferating so quickly) encompasses a blazing hot Monograph website and a quarterly-released, ever-expanding Monograph newspaper (print edition).

Already featuring interviews with the likes of Newton Faulkner, Charlie & The Martyrs and the prodigiously talented ska ensemble By The Rivers, Monograph TV has sprung to life faster than a David Attenborough documentary.

To submit a music video, interview, documentary, live performance, studio rehearsal, busking set, podcast, or any other type of media that my incomprehensible mind cannot yet fathom, follow the instructions here to get it uploaded and online: http://www.themonograph.co.uk/tv/submit

DO NOT FORGET – although Monograph TV covers Leicester acts primarily, the famous Summer Sundae festival hosted on De Montfort Gardens sees a whole variety of country-wide bands flood into the Jewry Wall boundaries. Therefore anything from any associated band would be welcomed with open arms like the return to Leicester City of long-lost son Emile Heskey!

Visit: http://www.themonograph.co.uk/tv/

  1. Stevo Music Man says:

    This is cool I’ve investigate this more

    • thereviewer says:

      Caught any footage yet? Watch that interview with Dave Bartram, Showaddywaddy…

      What are your thoughts on the Leicester music scene at the moment Stevo – you being a nearby resident of Corby!? Ever read The Monograph newspaper? Ever actually stray into Leicester these days?

      • always in Leicester being a LCFC season ticket holder and go to gigs too when possible – did rather like a band called ashdowne for the city (line up change been told at the mo)

        • thereviewer says:

          Ah yes, forgot about your LCFC ties! Going Derby on Thursday? So glad you didn’t draw my beloved Everton in FA Cup quarters. Always makes me feel sick in the pit of my stomach that fixture… Nugent & Becks forming a good partnership, albeit independently – a little short on link-up play.

          I’ll look them up, Ashdowne For The City you say. I saw a band called The Screening the other day at the Academy. Not keen overall. LNT and Charlie & The Martyrs are the best around currently for me. Surprising wealth of local bands! Only discovered Calder McLaughlin in the latest edition…

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