Dead Sons

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Introducing, Video
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Formerly Milburn and The Book Club, Dead Sons are Joe Carnall’s newest outfit. Dead good. 




  1. Jen says:

    This is amazing.

  2. The first two songs are incredible, and the third one isn’t too bad, either. He sounds almost exactly like Alex Turner on the third one, actually. Thanks for turning me onto them!

    • thereviewer says:

      Spot on, I’m convinced it actually is Turner himself on Shotgun Woman. Not a bad band to sound like?! Wouldn’t be the first time he has covered or collaborated with a ‘fellow’ Sheffield act either. Reverend & The Makers, Richard Hawley to name a few.

      • Yeah, I just listened to it again, and the only part that doesn’t sound like him is when he says “shotgun”, haha. I feel like Turner has a very specific way of saying that word; I know it’s something to do with regional accents, but I’m not too good with those. :/

        • thereviewer says:

          Regional accents must make you laugh given that the UK is barely bigger than certain individual US states! Turner chews his words… a real Yorkshire twist on things. That’s Yorkshire – UK, not Yorkshire – New York, ha!

          • Yeah, it’s amazing how traveling such a small distance reveals such different accents. And I can’t distinguish any of them – Manchester from Liverpudlian from Yorkshire – they all seem so subtly nuanced! We have regional accents here in the states, but as you said, you’d have to travel the length of England a few times over to hear them!

            • thereviewer says:

              I can only assume accents come about by industrial days isolation not incest! The English clearly haven’t journeyed that far since our sea-conquering colonial days.

              Subtly nuanced. In a nutshell, aye. <- that last was a bit of Geordie. Familiar with that particular dialect? I'm informed only of the "deep south" accent in America Vs the rather scratchy/grating voice of 90210/Friends/Frasier big city sounds. New Girl is just getting big in the UK now. Quality! House is already big, last series though – oh no.

              • My dad lived in England for half his life, and I know he’s mentioned Geordie accents before, but I don’t think I can distinguish those, either.

                I actually live in what might be called the Deep South, although I didn’t grow up here, so these accents sound funny to me, haha. I think the southern drawl in the States is bit more homogeneous than northern accents. The accents in the movie “Fargo” are different from those you’ll hear on, say, “Seinfeld”. And yes, those were the best two examples I could think of. :/

                • thereviewer says:

                  Looked them up (as I’m a little young for that era). Fargo – Minneapolis? Seinfeld – Manhattan? The former struck me as slightly more folky, what I would think of as southern or rural US accent! Geography tells me this is not the case, so your point is proven. Seinfeld was more obviously a classic, Big Apple sounding sitcom.

                  Rich Hall – now he is Deep South right? How about Reginald D. Hunter? Two of your hit comedians here in the UK.

                  This conversation has spiralled miles away from its starting basis!

                • Haha, blame Alex Turner! Fargo is in North Dakota – close! I’m not familiar with either of those comedians, sorry. :/. But it seems you know more about American accents than I do about English accents!

  3. rockmelody says:

    Cool tunes. I love the psychedelic air about them.

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