The people’s Elbow play Cathedral homecoming

Posted: November 2, 2011 in News
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Over on BBC interactive [red button] Elbow are playing an exclusive live session at Manchester Cathedral. Accompanied by the Hallé Youth Choir, the Mercury prize winners of 2008 are treating an intimate congregation to an eight-song serenade. 

Three songs in and lead singer Guy Garvey is already perspiring like a member of the St Paul’s clergy. Aptly the fresh-faced choir boys and girls join in proceedings on the soothing Lippy Kids, taken off their latest critically-acclaimed album Build a Rocket Boys!

Crowd-pleasing frontman - Elbow's Guy Garvey. Photo: MrsWoman @ Flickr

Cathedral venues always have an eerie, mystical property to them; a trait exploited by gospel-influenced alternative acts such as Arcade Fire

In between footage sees the Bury boys visit their local Temple Bar and the Soundhouse: scene of their triumphant debut gig witnessed by 355 individuals. 

Elbow are celebrating their 20th birthday this year, a stint that has spawned five terrific records – consistently awarded 9/10 by the NME.


Grounds For Divorce

The Night Will Always Win

Lippy Kids

Weather To Fly

Station Approach

Scattered Black and Whites

Open Arms

One Day Like This

Watch the concert highlights here: and see the BBC Radio 2 webpage for more clips.


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