Two weeks after Lana Del Rey transfixed the British public and watching world with her stunning performance of Video Games, Florence Welch & her musical Machine last night returned to Holland to stake a claim in the plaudits stolen by the New York girl.

Singing What The Water Gave Me and No Light, No Light [below], the ‘lady with the harp’ delivered a near-motionless, typically angelic display. Both tracks are taken from Florence’s peach of a new album Ceremonials which was released on Monday.

See the full programme now (or Later!) at:…_with_Jools_Holland_Series_39_Episode_7/

  1. iamkaja says:

    This song definitely stands out the most from the new album and Flo once again delivers it in such a beautiful manner! Absolutely adore this performance. Who’d have thought she’s only 25!?

    • thereviewer says:

      She does show maturity beyond her years and her vocals have definitely improved since her early NME tour days. Powerful chorus, I do like when it explodes into life on No Light. Interesting new direction for ceremonials: more gloom, less fun. Her costume is always a conservation-starter, product of her arty-farty background! What next for Welch? I heard (perhaps on the untrustworthy grapevine) some talk of an alter-ego?

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