Lonely Boy, the new single from The Black Keys has gone viral [or at least microbial], as smartly predicted in advance by Ethan, author of Letters From The Wasteland. The video features a Village People-style cameo from an uncuffed and unnamed bloke outside a motel lobby. Resemblance to Dave Benson-Phillips perhaps, anyone?


Previously, the blues-rock pairing were probably best known in the UK for their Jools Holland performances of Tighten Up, Next Girl and Howlin’ For You.

To label the duo from Ohio as understudies of the Kings of Leon would be a touch flippant. Dan Auerbach‘s guitar breeds a raw sound backed in emphatic style by Patrick Carney’s clattering drums. Underlying humour in their videos also deserves recognition, and is reminiscent of New York indie trio We Are Scientists.

The Keys have been plying their trade for over 10 years now, producing 6 studio albums in that period. Brothers, their most commercially successful record to date reached #29 and silver status here. El Camino their hotly-anticipated next effort will premiere in shops on 6th December. It looks certain to be the long-awaited Gold on the Ceiling for the Americans. The forthcoming winter could well be a Hell of a Season for them.

The only question remains, at what number will El Camino break into the Top 10 UK albums charts?

  1. Tweek says:

    Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog! You didn’t have to write it in french 😉 but i appreciate it!
    I love the black keys! Can’t wait to listen to their new album!

    • thereviewer says:

      De rien! Je veux apprendre le français correctement, donc je doit lire et ecrire dans la correspondance 🙂

      Black Keys are really growing on me, I’m getting excited at the prospect of their next sleeve. Auerbach possesses such a classy combination of soulful vocals & guitar twangs. Never Give You Up off Brothers sounds like a James Brown record, such a load of influences in there!

      • Tweek says:

        Tu veux apprendre le français ? Where are you from?
        The Blacks Keys have a lot of blues’ influences too! that’s why i like this band so much. I’m gonna see them in january 😀

  2. thereviewer says:

    Indeed I do, though it needs some Tweeking(!) and improving. Reading blogs like yours will help an untold amount, glad I discovered you. I’m English, learnt French at school from age 11-16, so it’s a bit hybrid to me at the moment. I aspire to be bilingual or at least conversational.

    Black Keys are a rare breed, lucky you seeing them soon! What other blues acts should I be following at the moment?

    • Tweek says:

      haha “tweeking”! I’m glad i can help you with your french!

      I don’t know any other band like the Black Keys, they’re kind of the only ones in their category for me. There must be other bands but i don’t know them. The Dead Weather has soul and blues influences.
      There is an other band i really really like is Villagers, don’t know if you heard of them.
      The guy is so great and talented.

      • thereviewer says:

        Ah yes I do know a bit about The Dead Weather, Jack White’s latest reincarnation yes? For those who insist on likening The ‘Keys to The White Stripes – perhaps the latter’s final folding earlier this year was a sign of emulation or succession! All hail The Black Keys…

        PS: Will check out Villagers – I’m woefully out of touch with blues. I’m midway through a folk phase at the mo!

  3. thereviewer says:

    It’s funny you should say that – I checked out Villagers and even Wikipedia doesn’t seem to be able to define their music! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villagers_(band)

    All I can grasp from reading the passage is that they are “eerie”, use “dark” lyrics and are Irish. That’s it, I’m off to listen to them… ooo Mercury Prize-nominated debut album as well, intriguing.

    At the moment I am listening to The Waterboys, Horrors and Casiokids (thanks to you). As soon as December begins I dust off my Pogues CD ready for the Xmas season 🙂

    Et vous? Ecoutez-vous a quelles bandes? Sur votre liste de la musique? Such terrible French.

    • Tweek says:

      On ne dit pas “bandes” en français, on dit “groupe” (stands for “bands”) 😉
      At the moment i don’t really have a favorite band, i just listen to what’s on my ipod lol
      I guess i haven’t found something that i really love…
      This summer i was really into the new Arctic Monkeys’ album but since then… the void!

      • thereviewer says:

        Ah, je comprends, Google translate n’est pas exact/bon!

        Likewise, I was literally glued to Suck It And See for weeks soon after its release. Brilliant album! Every swing and turn the Monkey’s make, I am a follower. Have you seen Alex Turner + co’s spectacular new hair trims? Bouffant and quiff!

        PS – I posted “That Day” by Villagers last week. Fantastic acoustic and dreamy songwriting from Conor, thanks for the introduction 🙂

        • Tweek says:

          Yeah i liked Suck It And See but i really didn’t like Humbug. This one was too much different from their previous albums. But i still listen to them even though i prefer their music from the beginning of the band. I think their was something more fresh, more dynamic.
          And yeah i saw Alex Turner new haircut, all my girlfriends think it’s cute but i realllyyyyy don’t like it!

  4. thereviewer says:

    Humbug lost a lot of fans. To be honest I just evolved with the band, the genre wasn’t mon preferee by any means. Suck It And See is more mature storytelling, don’t you think? Apart from Library Pictures which is a kickback to their youthful outbursts.

    This conversation has twisted and wriggled more than a “snake pit on the wall”! From The Black Keys to Dead Weather, to Villagers, to The Pogues, arriving at the Arctics.

    My language is turning hybrid, shall we call it Franglais!?

  5. […] guitars whilst Patrick Carney pounded the percussions like they were bin lids. Such has been the Keys’ parachuting to stardom, teenage girls were spotted wearing self-decorated t-shirts sporting the messages “I’m […]

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