Monkeys go west

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Video
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Evil Twin, the B-side of Suck It And See has crept unnoticed into the Arctic’s setlist. Motorbikes, guns, sex, denim and balaclava boy Matt Helders star in the videos. Both emphatically issue a SOD OFF to those retailers who censored their album title in the US and the same ilk of critic whom slated Britney Spears for glamourising guns in her raunchy video Criminal. Plenty of guitar twangs from Cook. To be released tomorrow!

  1. Yeah, kind of a continuation of the “Suck It And See” video. Cool song, too… they could have scrapped “Brick By Brick” from the album and put this on there instead, if you ask me…

    Their live shows have definitely improved since their earlier tours, although now they’re on this whole “we’re not going to play ‘A Certain Romance'” kick, which really bugs me.

    • thereviewer says:

      Pretty funky indeed, but not up to their usual calibre in my eyes. Not a fan of the glam-rock Brick By Brick then? Admittedly, it’s a simple tune by the high standards of the High Green heroes. Poor was my first opinion, but it grew on me after repeated listens… bit by bit!

      You may hate me for this but – I saw them back in June when they gave A Certain Romance a rare airing to the Don Valley faithful! At least Mardy Bum is back in there albeit an acoustic version, it’s sweet though and inspires a mass sing-along 😀

      What ever happened to Leave Before The Lights Come On and Cigarette Smoke?

      • You know, the rest of that album really grew on me, but I just couldn’t get into that song. When I heard the line “I want to rock and roll” repeated… TWICE… that about did it for me.

        Yeah, I do hate you. Haha, kidding! Admittedly, I hadn’t heard “Leave…” or “Cigarette Smoke”. They’re really great, though, especially “Leave…” And the video is brilliant!

  2. thereviewer says:

    It was lyrically repetitive, unusual for the AMs and Alex ‘metaphorical wizard’ Turner. When the video for Brick By Brick was pre-released many (including myself) were disappointed.

    Lots of their early stuff only made EPs and demos. Choo Choo, No Buses… the list goes on. Cigarette Smoke is a good play on guitar, not too hard, power chords.

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