Sadly Dananananaykroyd are to split.

Glasgow’s [and the world’s] finest fight pop sextet had been toiling in a severe energy deficit ever since their formation in 2006. Their riotous, literally bone-breaking live sets will be remembered fondly by those privileged enough to be in attendance. Fronted by dual vocalists Calum Gunn and John Baillie Junior, Dananananaykroyd had a thrilling and unique on-stage chemistry. Audiences were treated to the inventive Wall of Cuddles, a relentless but glorious racket and irrepressible Glaswegian humour. Two shoe-losingly mega introductory gigs in the NME/Radio1 tents at Reading & Leeds will be noted as the band’s highlight.

I leave you with arguably their two greatest numbers.

Dananananaykroyd – Black Wax


Dananananaykroyd – Some Dresses


Enjoy your sabbath boys, be it pink and pretty 🙂

Dananananaykroyd will play twelve more gigs.

29 Glasgow ABC
31 Manchester Deaf Institute

Leicester Firebug
Brighton The Haunt
London KCLSU
Derby Victoria Inn
Stoke Sugarmill
Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
Exeter Cavern
10 Oxford Bullingdon
11 York Fibbers
12 Newcastle Cluny

  1. J. says:

    Yeah man, totally wish I was rich enough to fly over to see them 😦
    Best band ever seriously. I was on the train when I found out they were splitting up and I actually cried like a baby. Cool story.
    You should def listen to ‘Apostrophe’ and ‘Good times’. ‘E numbers’ is pretty cool too but you know it so.

  2. J. says:

    ‘shoe-losingly’ hahahahahahahahahaha totally forgot about that

    • thereviewer says:

      Haha, you remember, brilliant! Putting personal experiences into posts and articles is what gives them originality and humour! Thanks for the wellies again, or were they Julian’s? First gig as well. My socks were sodden. Welcome to Reading.

      Daft stuff always happens to me… Relating back to your train crying incident – I was on a train back from London a few weeks ago. I used soap in the toilet, but the taps didn’t work! Things got a bit messy with towels and loo roll :S

  3. rockmelody says:

    Jeez, that’s very sad.

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