Song of the day: The Horrors – Count in Fives

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Video
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It’s not new, it’s just bloody brilliant! Riveting stuff from the Southend-on-Sea spooks.


Read this article you Horrors enthusiasts!

See Stevo’s live review of The Horrors at Rock City here.

  1. Jensterz says:

    The Horrors are the best, but i which they still had the same sound /style that they had in their 1st album because that was seriously cool!

  2. thereviewer says:

    Super seriously coolio, Reading was a let-down admittedly, a bit too slooooow. This early stuff is invigorating though! I’m going out to buy Strange House tomorrow… how behind the times am I!? Tu me manques little kiddo X

  3. rockmelody says:

    Thrilling song! Love earlier The Horrors! Insane!

  4. thereviewer says:

    I still can’t get my mits on Strange House, no thanks to HM-bloody-V. I’ve Youtubed most of it though, cracking videos! How did you find them?

  5. Jensterz says:

    What, how come you can’t find Strange House?! I swear I bought it in England! Amazon it! xxx

    • rockmelody says:

      Yeah, I saw it at Amazon, but I don’t live in the UK and I’m not sure if it arrives safely to Russia 🙂

    • thereviewer says:

      My Strange House CD finally arrived, shipped in from tax haven Guernsey, courtesy of HMV. And guess what? It’s not the BONUS TRACK EDITION I ORDERED! No Death At The Chapel 😦 That was half the reason I bought the bloody thing in the first place! Fuming.

      Still, it’s pretty good overall as it goes. Creepy, riveting + classic keyboard… though the vocals are a bit too loud, rackety + screamy for my Dad!

  6. Jensterz says:

    Oh AND Reading was only a let down because we were miles away 😦 And we didn’t see the whole thing. I’m sure they’re amazing live though!

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