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Lonely Boy, the new single from The Black Keys has gone viral [or at least microbial], as smartly predicted in advance by Ethan, author of Letters From The Wasteland. The video features a Village People-style cameo from an uncuffed and unnamed bloke outside a motel lobby. Resemblance to Dave Benson-Phillips perhaps, anyone?


Previously, the blues-rock pairing were probably best known in the UK for their Jools Holland performances of Tighten Up, Next Girl and Howlin’ For You.

To label the duo from Ohio as understudies of the Kings of Leon would be a touch flippant. Dan Auerbach‘s guitar breeds a raw sound backed in emphatic style by Patrick Carney’s clattering drums. Underlying humour in their videos also deserves recognition, and is reminiscent of New York indie trio We Are Scientists.

The Keys have been plying their trade for over 10 years now, producing 6 studio albums in that period. Brothers, their most commercially successful record to date reached #29 and silver status here. El Camino their hotly-anticipated next effort will premiere in shops on 6th December. It looks certain to be the long-awaited Gold on the Ceiling for the Americans. The forthcoming winter could well be a Hell of a Season for them.

The only question remains, at what number will El Camino break into the Top 10 UK albums charts?

Tragically, this week of Deal or No Deal? has been dubbed Bankenstein’s Monsters. Even more tragically, I am writing a post about it.

Words cannot explain watching ‘wacky scientist’ Noel Edmonds marvel at the show’s special new addition: Dr Pettigrew’s fantastic brains firing catapult. It’s hard to suppress a wry grin when a comical bolt of graphical lightning strikes every time the banker rings. The only real surprise is the omission of the ‘pilgrims’ from the costume drama. Some wisecrack could have at least afforded them a bunch of pumpkin suits. Still, first contestant Garry’s partner has teeth scary enough.


What clichés and howlers did the Channel 4 producers miss? 

Evil Twin, the B-side of Suck It And See has crept unnoticed into the Arctic’s setlist. Motorbikes, guns, sex, denim and balaclava boy Matt Helders star in the videos. Both emphatically issue a SOD OFF to those retailers who censored their album title in the US and the same ilk of critic whom slated Britney Spears for glamourising guns in her raunchy video Criminal. Plenty of guitar twangs from Cook. To be released tomorrow!

Think and Feel, the final single to be released on November 7th by Dananananaykroyd. Jumpy, shouty and tremendously groovy!

One can listen to Calum Gunn’s new project called Slimes here. Thanks to the fellows at Work It Media for dropping the link 🙂 Incidentally, is the Slimy single Shit one of the backing tracks to Channel 4 show Fresh Meat or am I talking the brown stuff?

Sadly Dananananaykroyd are to split.

Glasgow’s [and the world’s] finest fight pop sextet had been toiling in a severe energy deficit ever since their formation in 2006. Their riotous, literally bone-breaking live sets will be remembered fondly by those privileged enough to be in attendance. Fronted by dual vocalists Calum Gunn and John Baillie Junior, Dananananaykroyd had a thrilling and unique on-stage chemistry. Audiences were treated to the inventive Wall of Cuddles, a relentless but glorious racket and irrepressible Glaswegian humour. Two shoe-losingly mega introductory gigs in the NME/Radio1 tents at Reading & Leeds will be noted as the band’s highlight.

I leave you with arguably their two greatest numbers.

Dananananaykroyd – Black Wax


Dananananaykroyd – Some Dresses


Enjoy your sabbath boys, be it pink and pretty 🙂

Dananananaykroyd will play twelve more gigs.

29 Glasgow ABC
31 Manchester Deaf Institute

Leicester Firebug
Brighton The Haunt
London KCLSU
Derby Victoria Inn
Stoke Sugarmill
Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
Exeter Cavern
10 Oxford Bullingdon
11 York Fibbers
12 Newcastle Cluny