Coventry livens to Godiva

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Festival, News
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Last Saturday saw me unintentionally stumble across the Godiva Festival in Coventry. An attendant for other purposes, I was completely oblivious to the city’s get-together. The nature and magnitude of the event soon became apparent though as the train from Nuneaton piled up with a lary hoard of Stella-fuelled 13-20 year olds. Who can blame them? 

The celebratory music festival which began as a one-dayer in 1997 has previously staged the likes of The Human League, Kasabian, The Cribs, Idlewild, locals The Enemy and believe it or not, one Leo Sayer! This year’s do was graced by headliners Heaven 17, Athlete and amongst other Young Knives, Sandi “one-hit-wonder” Thom and Jeremy Clarkson’s favourite act – Lethal Bizzle. The only identifiable song I recognised from inside my peripherally-placed alternative tent was Whistle For The Choir courtesy of Jon Fratelli’s acoustic guitar – always a sweet listen. 

Musical talent was accompanied by a fine assortment of boutiques and stalls including homemade jams, spangly bracelets and voodoo gear. The Coventry Telegraph reliably informs me that the three day weekender attracted a record audience of 120,000; transforming the ‘Ghost Town’ into a carnival atmosphere. Let’s hope the entertainment and income generated outweighed the disgraceful 30 TONNES of refuse the City Council had to dispose of.

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